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Al-Mamaas is our Sales partner and Distributor in Middle East and African Region.

Al-Mamaas distributes one of the world's top most accurate time synchronization solutions manufactured by "Meinberg" Germany to the Region. Al-Mamaas offers Meinberg Time Frequency Solution for Defense/Military, Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Telecom Networks Financial Sector / Brokerage / Trading, Traffic Control Centers, Professional Audio Video, Digital Broadcasting, Process Automation/Industrial Applications, Test and Measurement/Research. Al Mamaas objective is to continue serving our customers, old and new, through the provisions of good quality and supplies at competitive market prices and ensuring customer satisfaction at all times. In order to achieve our objective we are continually re-engineering, re-evaluating and reinventing the way we do business in order to provide the best value solutions to our customers. We understand the customer's need and strive to fulfill and exceed customer's expectations in costs and time of delivery.